Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miles points out that Jack may be about to cause the incident

Back at the van, Jin is ripping up fresh bandages for Sayids bullet wound. Sayid appears to be on the brink of death and has lost a lot of blood.

Next to the van, the rest of the survivors are gathered and Miles asks if anyone has thought that Jack might be about to cause the incident instead of preventing it. He says the bomb may be the incident and maybe the best thing to do is nothing at all. Everyone just looks at each other and Miles says "I'm glad you all thought this through."

They then see Phil and some other Dharma guys with guns driving in a jeep towards the Swan Station site. Kate says that if they see Jack, they're going to kill him. Sawyer asks Juliet what she thinks and she says "Live together, die alone."

This is another instance where Miles ends up stating something that the viewers have been thinking. It's hard to believe that no one else thought sooner that Jack might be about to cause the incident.

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