Monday, June 1, 2009

Jack gets the hydrogen bomb and heads to the Swan site

Back at the Dharma van, Sayid is clinging to life as Hurley brings him some water. Hurley tells him " Everything'll be fine when Jack changes the future... or the past. One of those." Miles says that he doesn't think Sayid is going to make it and Jin confidently says that he will.

Jack and Kate come back and Jack grabs the bomb and tells them that the Dharma folk just hit something at the Swan site. Sayid tells Jack that the bomb is set to explode on impact and that according to Daniel Faraday's journal, he needs to get the bomb as close as possible to the source of the electromagnetism. Jack tells Sayid that this is going to work and it will save him. Sayid says "Nothing can save me."

Jack heads off into the jungle and passes Juliet and Sawyer as he's going. Sawyer still looks really pissed and Jack tells him in passing "See ya in Los Angeles."

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