Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Richard bregrudgingly takes Locke and Ben to Jacob's home

At the remains of the four-toed statue of Tawret, Locke (or actually fake Locke) stands staring at the foot. Richard comes over and tries one more time to convince Locke not go to do Jacob. He says that Jacob would eventually come to him. Locke says "I'm tire of waiting" and asks where Jacob is. Richard turns and starts heading towards the statue.

Nearby, Sun asks Ben what happened to the rest of the statue. Ben says he doesn't know and says that it was like that when he got here. Sun asks "Do you expect me to believe that?" Ben replies in a defeated tone, "Not really."

Locke then tells Ben "Let's go" and they head up the rocks towards the statue. Richard stops when he sees Ben and asks him "What are you doing?" Ben says "Locke wants me to join him." Richard says that he can't come and tells Locke that only the leader can request an audience with Jacob and there can only be one leader on the island at a time. Locke says "I'm beginning to think you just make these rules up as you go along, Richard. Ben is coming in with me, and if that's a problem, I'm sure Jacob and I can work it out."

Richard begrudgingly proceeds to the base of statue and pushes in a section of the stone that is the door. He turns and says "Tell him I say hello" and then walks away. Locke pushes the stone further in so they can enter the chamber. There is a short hallway with a light the end where there is an entrance to a room.

Ben stares down the hallway almost like he's in a trance. Locke asks him if he will be able to kill Jacob. He says " I know it won't be easy, but things will change once he's gone. I promise." Locke holds out the knife for Ben and after a moment, Ben takes it and they head for the light.

Richard's objections to Locke going to see Jacob and then that Ben is coming to seems to be a part of some long-standing rules, though all it took was Locke saying screw the rules to get around them. Why does the leader have so much authority that Richard's objections and concerns really mean nothing? He took matters in his own hands in 1977 when he knocked out Eloise.

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