Monday, June 1, 2009

Jacob tells Hurley that he is not crazy, about Ajira 316 and leaves a guitar case

The day before Ajira flight 316, Hurley is being released from Los Angles County Prison. The prison clerk whose last name is Winter gives Hurley back his possessions including a wallet, $227 cash, a ball point pen and a fruit roll-up. Hurley tries to tell the clerk that this is a mistake because he killed a bunch of people. The clerk shows him a discharge form and says he needs to take his stuff and go. Hurley tells him that there are men with tranquilizers guns who want to take him somewhere against his will. The clerk says "There's a cab stand right out front."

Outside the prison, Hurley starts to get into a cab and notices that Jacob is already inside. Jacob offers to share the cab since he's only going a gew blocks. Hurley gets in and there is the infamous guitar case sitting between him and Jacob. Hurley offers Jacob some of his fruit roll-up, but Jacobs passes.

Hurley asks Jacob what he was in jail for and Jacob tells him that he wasn't in jail. Hurley asks him why he was sitting outside a prison in a cab. Jacob says "I was waiting for you Hugo." Hurley tells Jacob "Then you must be dead." Jacob says that he's not dead and asks "I want to know why you won't go back to the island." Hurley says that he's cursed and that's why the plane crashed, his friends died and now they visit him. Jacob says "Well, what if you weren't cursed? What if you were blessed?" He goes on to say that Hurley gets talk to the people that he's lost which is a pretty wonderful thing. Hurley says that is great except for the part where he's crazy. Jacob says "I've got some news for you, Hugo, and you're just gonna have to take my word on this. You are not crazy."

Hurley asks Jacob who he is and Jacob tells the cab driver that he's just up there on the corner. Jacob tells Hurley "Ajira Airways Flight 316 out of LAX. Leaves in 24 hours. All you have to do is get on that plane. It's your choice, Hugo. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." While he's talking, Jacob reaches over and lightly touches Hurley. As Jacob gets out of the cab, Hurley tells him he forgot his guitar. Jacob tells him "It's not my guitar."

Hurley is the last person to approached by Jacob and he and Sayid are the only ones we see touched by Jacob after the Oceanic 6's rescue. Unlike everyone else who tried to convince Hurley to go back to the island, Jacob pitches it to Hurley with no pressure. He leaves the decision up to Hurley, who seems to take hold of the argument that Jacob makes about the curse actually being a blessing. Maybe Hurley also took a look inside that case which may or may not contain Charlie's guitar and that helped convince him to get on Ajira 316. There is certainly more to Hurley's story than just this conversation.

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