Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Losties open fire on the Swan site, Jack drops the bomb down the hatch

Phil and his team arrive at the Swan Station site and Radzinsky says that they have time to set up a perimeter because there's no sign of "the hostiles" yet. As Phil assigns men to their positions, Pierre tells Radzinsky that they need to be getting people away from the site, not bringing more there.

Jack, who is watching in the distance, sees a water tank and heads for it. Steam is rising from the drill as Pierre watches the temperature and gauss meters hitting the red. Jack sneaks behind the water tank but Phil spots him and opens fire.

Jack manages to take out one of the armed Dharma team up high on the perimeter and scrambles to find cover because he is outnumbered. Suddenly, the a Dharma van speeds towards the site and Kate and Juliet open fire on the Dharma team. They take out a few Dharma folk before Sawyer and Miles emerge, guns blazing too. They give Jack the cover he needs to move closer to the drill.

Sawyer manages to sneak around a hit Radzinsky from behind and grabs Phil and holds a gun to his head. Pierre grabs Radzinsky's gun as Phil tells everyone else to drop their guns. Sawyer tells Jack to come out and then says "Hurry up and do your business." Sawyer then tells Pierre to turn the drill off. He tries to shut it down but he says it won't because something is pulling the drill down. Radzinsky says "We hit the pocket."

Jack steps up to the hole and pulls the bomb from his bag. Jack looks at Kate who has tears in her eyes, but she nods "yes" to him. Jack smiles slightly. Sawyer lets Phil go and then he and Juliet share sad smiles.

Jack drops the bomb down the hole. Everyone braces for the explosion, but nothing happens. Everyone looks confused and Jack stares down the hole.

There are so many things to capture in this scene, it was too big for one post. The next post will feature everything that happened after the bomb did not explode.

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