Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Widmore's team spies on Locke's camp + Locke talks to Jin

At Locke's camp, we see night vision images from Widmore's team observing Kate, Sawyer, Claire and Locke. We see that Sawyer managed to find some cocoa, presumably Dharma cocoa.

After the night vision shots, Locke approaches Jin and we learn that Sawyer told Jin about the candidates names in the cave. Locke says that he needs all of the remaining candidates together in order to leave the island and that he'll take care of bringing Sun back.

Claire can be seen eavesdropping on Locke and Jin's conversation, wondering how she fits into Locke's plan.

So does Locke really need the candidates to leave with him, or does he plan to kill them? He told Jacob in "Ab Aeterno" that he would kill anyone who might take Jacob's place.

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