Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sun is angry about waiting around, goes to her garden

At the beach camp, Ilana is passing the time by cleaning her gun as Ben tries to convince her that Richard does not have the answer to their problems. Ilana says that Hurley will bring him back and they should wait. Sun gets frustrated by the conversation and storms off after jamming a knife into the table.

Sun goes to her garden which we haven't seen since the season 3 episode "D.O.C." Jack follows her out there and mentions that it seems like she first planted the garden a hundred years ago. Jack then proceeds to tell her about the lighthouse and mentions the Richard and the candidates and Sun doesn't care about any of it. Jack tells her that they're on the island for a reason, but again, Sun isn't having any of it.

It's interesting to continue to see Jack as the man of faith, trying to convince Sun that they are destined for something bigger than themselves. It certainly seems like he's taken the full leap at this point, but that was apparent during the dynamite scene of "Dr. Linus."

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