Friday, April 9, 2010

Sun runs away from Locke & hits head, loses ability to speak English

At her garden, Sun cuts her hand and is then startled by Locke. He tells her that he found Jin like he promised and has him back at his camp. She mentions that he killed everyone at the temple, which he once again defends by saying he gave them a choice to leave and they were confused. Suddenly, Sun makes a break for it and Locke chases her through the jungle until she hits her head on a tree branch and is knocked out.

Later, Ben finds Sun unconscious under the tree and asks her what happened. Sun can only speak Korean, but does manage to tell him that Locke did this to her.

It's very interesting to see Sun choose not to trust Locke over being reunited with Jin, considering that's is her only real goal. Her distrust of Locke is so deep, that she refuses his offer. This seems to possibly indicate another white rock for Jacob's scale since she chose to give into Locke's temptation.

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