Sunday, April 4, 2010

Isabella appears to Richard on the Black Rock, smoke monster 'grabs' her + the boar

Chained inside the Black Rock, Richard struggles to loosen a floorboard. It starts raining and he struggles to reach some water to drink, but can't reach it. Later he manages to remove the nail from the floorboard and begins to chip away at the wall where the chains are attached.

Later, Richard wakes up to the sound of a boar nibbling away at one of the bodies. As the board charges at him, he drops the nail just out of reach.

Richard passes out again, and is later awoken by the sound of Isabella's voice. She comes over to him and tells him that hey are both dead and in hell. She says she is there to save him from the devil. Suddenly, they hear the sounds of the smoke monster. Richard tells her to run away and when she heads up to the deck, she lets out a blood curdling scream. Richard calls for her, weeps and falls to his knees.

So here's the big question. Was Isabella the smoke monster? It would seem so because she is dead, but can the smoke monster be her but also appear to be above the ship, essentially in two places at the same time?

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