Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sun & Jin not married in sideways, customs confiscates Jin's money

At LAX, Jin is released from customs, but they confiscate the $25,000 until Jin fills out the necessary paperwork. As he and Sun leave customs, Jin tells her that he missed a meeting at the restaurant and reveals that he doesn't know what the money is for. Much like the original timeline, Jin says he just does what her father tells her to do.

Once they reach the hotel, Sun gives the clerk a printout with her reservation, which is on the 8th floor (one of the numbers). Jin objects, saying there should be two rooms because he and Sun are not married. The clerk pulls up a room for Kwon which is room 842 (8 and 42 are two of the numbers).

So this is possibly the most shocking flash-sideways difference thus far. Jin and Sun are not married, but are traveling together to Los Angeles. Quite intriguing. More to come.

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Sarah- Little Ark Photography said...

but i just don't get it. i really don't get it. i thought that when they landed in LA safely it would just tell the story of what would have happened had they landed. how exactly did landing in LA safely go back in time and change things? I DON'T GET IT.