Monday, March 15, 2010

Sayid kills Keamy, Omar & henchman, finds Jin in freezer

As Sayid is about to leave to pick Sam and Eva up from school, a black SUV approaches and out hops Omar, one of the mercenaries from the freighter. Omar, who is accompanied by another henchman, tells Sayid to get in the car and Sayid does once Omar makes a veiled threat towards the kids.

Sayid is taken to a restaurant kitchen, where none other than Martin Keamy is cooking up some eggs. Keamy offers Sayid some eggs, which Sayid turns down. Keamy reveals that he knows what happened to Sayid's brother Omer. Sayid asks Keamy if he was responsible, and while Keamy is being coy with his response, Sayid grabs Omar. The other henchman shoots and hits Omar and then Sayid shoots the henchman. After Keamy begs for his life and tells Sayid that Omer's debt is erased, Sayid shoots him in the chest.

Sayid then hears muffled banging and opens a walk-in freezer to find Jin bound and gagged in a chair. Sayid asks who he is and Jin says "No English."

So how exactly did Jin go from being questioned by customs at LAX to being in Keamy's freezer? It appears that Keamy was wearing the watch Jin was delivering, so is Jin's captivity Mr. Paik's doing? And where is Sun?

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