Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Locke gathers Sayid, Claire & Kate from the ravaged temple

After the smoke monster wrecks the temple and kills the others who remained behind, Sayid, Claire and Kate make their way through the mess. Bodies are scattered through the courtyard and there are a few small fires. During the scene the slow motion scene, a creepy, symphonic version of "Catch a Falling Star" is playing, with Claire singing the haunting vocal over it.

Sayid and Claire both look pleased with themselves as they walk outside the temple to face Locke and a large group of defected others. Kate comes out and sees Locke and is stunned. Locke just cocks his head at her, then turns and leads his group away.

Jin and Sawyer are not currently with the group, so where are they hiding out at (it's possible that they're on Hydra island, since we later learn that's where Locke is heading)? Is Kate now a de-facto part of Locke's team now?

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