Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Juliet survives the fall and detonates the bomb, Jack and Kate pull Sawyer away from the hole

Back at the Swan Station site, Jack wakes up on the ground in a daze. He stands up and sees Kate trying to pull Sawyer, who is weeping, away from the hole. Jack helps her pull Sawyer away just before a large portion of the tower is pulled down the hole.

The equipment crashes at the bottom of the hole where Juliet is laying on the ground. She wakes up and briefly panics before she starts crying. She turns her head and sees the hydrogen bomb on the ground near her. She picks up a rock and starts hitting the bomb. She is crying as she hits it and says "Come on you son of a bitch." On the eighth hit the screen goes white and a loud explosion can be heard. Then we see the inverted "LOST" title screen, which was the first thing I posted from the finale.

So, with Juliet detonating the bomb, the big question is, what's next? What will happen to our Losties and which ones will survive to make it to their next destination? Will the course of events leading up to the crash of Oceanic 815 be altered or was this, like Miles said, the incident as it originally occurred?

With this post, that does it for season 5 of Lost. If there's any screens you didn't see during this season that you would like to see, let me know and I'll post them for you. Otherwise, things will be pretty quiet here for a while. I'll pop in occasionally to add some things like what goes down at Comic-Con, so check back every once and a while or subscribe to the blog.

See you for the final season. It's going to be BIG.

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