Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jacob is stabbed by Ben, warns fake Locke that 'They're coming'

Locke (actually Fake Locke) and Ben walk into Jacob's living chamber and examine the room. Ben looks up through a hole in the ceiling where the remains of the statue can be seen along with the moon. Ben walks over to the tapestry which now appears to be complete.

Here are the passages translated from Greek:
  • ΘΕΟΙ ΤΟΣΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ ΟΣΑ ΦΡΕΣΙ ΣΗΣΙ ΜΕΝΟΙΝΑΣ = May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires.
  • ΘΕΟΙ ΔΕ ΤΟΙ ΟΛΒΙΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ = May the gods grant thee happiness.
  • ...Σ ΜΟΝΟΙ ΤΟ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΕΟΡΑΚΑΣΙ = Only the dead have seen the end of war OR Those who have died.
The bottom corner of the tapestry was removed and left in the cabin which Ilana found. Since it is ripped, the first word of the third phrase is missing because of this, causing an uncertain translation, hence the two options.

Jacob is sitting in a chair in corner, in the dark. He startles Ben when he asks "Do you like it?" referring to the tapestry. Jacob says that he made it himself and it takes a very long time when you make the thread, but he adds "I guess that's the point."

Here is the exchange between fake Locke, Jacob and Ben:

Locke: Hello Jacob.
Jacob: Well, you found your loophole.
Locke: Indeed I did. And you have no idea what I've gone through to be here.
Ben: Have you met before?
Locke: In a manner of speaking. [Locke walks over to Ben standing like a commander giving an order.] Do what I asked you to, Ben.
Jacob: Benjamin. Whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice.
Ben: What choice?
Jacob: You can do what he asked, or you can go, leave us to discuss our, issues.
Ben: Oh, so now, after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me. 35 years I lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions--all those slips of paper, all those lists--and I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, "You have to wait. You have to be patient." But when he asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if was Moses. So, why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?!
Jacob: What about you?

Ben drops his head and says "well" and then proceeds to stab Jacob twice in the chest with the knife. A tear has fallen down Jacob's face as he clings to Ben, then falls to the ground. Jacob is spitting up blood on the ground as he says "They're coming." Locke bends over and says that he can't hear him. Jacob repeats "They're coming." Locke looks wide-eyed and shocked by the pronouncement and then kicks Jacob into the fire. As Locke watches Jacob burn, he has a dark, evil look on his face.

Wow. What a scene. Where to start. So what has the entity using Locke's form been through to get to where he is now? I think it's safe to assume he is the man in the black tunic from the opening scene. How long has his plan to kill Jacob been in motion? Did he cause Ben to see his dead mother, starting him on his path to become the "leader" of the others? And did he, through Ben, then use Locke as a pawn to reach his ultimate goal of killing Jacob? It's a bit complicated, but I think it makes sense.

Jacob gives Ben a choice, just like he did with Hurley, but then pushes Ben over the edge by saying "What about you?" Did Jacob want to die or was he just being brutally honest because Ben was never intended to be the leader?

Who is "They" and when and/or where are they coming from? Could "they" be Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest of the Losties in 1977? Or could he mean Richard, Ilana and the others currently outside of the statue chamber?

The big question is, what happens now that Jacob is dead? Are the two sides of the island, the black and white, now unbalanced? With Jacob dead, will the healing power of the island cease to be? Will Rose have cancer again? Will Richard start aging? The consequences of Jacob's death seem to be many.

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