Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Locke is guided by Christian Shephard, turns frozen donkey wheel

Locke falls down the well which disappears when the island skips again. He ends up with something sticking through his leg when he falls and is in a lot of pain. He looks up where the well once was and is screaming for James (Sawyer) and then anyone. Christian Shephard then slowly walks out from behind a column. Christian says that he's there to help Locke the rest of the way. He then tells Locke that he was supposed to move the island, not Ben and that when has listening to Ben ever gotten him "anywhere worth a damn." He then tells Locke that when he gets off the island, he should gather up all of his friends and take them to Eloise Hawking in Los Angeles who will tell them how to get back to the island. Whe says that Richard told him he was going to die, Chritian says "I guess that's why they call it sacrafice."

Christian then tells Locke that the wheel is off it's axis and all he needs to do is "give it a little push." Locke asks if he can help him up, but Christian says he cannot. Locke pulls himself up and moves towards the wheel which is intermitedly emmiting bright light and jerking back and forth. Locke makes his way to the donkey wheel and breaks it loose and pulls it a little. As the light gets bright, Christian tells him to "say hell to my son." Locke ask "who's your son?," but he seems to disappear before he gets an answer.

Why does Christian keep appearing to help guide Locke? Why can't Christian help Locke up? Is it physical or just that Locke needs to do it on his own? Where will Locke land when he leaves the island? Most likely not the desert like Ben. Why did Locke need to move the island, not Ben? What happened to the Sawyer, Juliet and the rest of the gang when he turned the wheel? So many questions, so few episodes left.

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