Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jack wakes up on the island, finds Hurley and Kate

The opening scene from episode six "316" was a doozy. We get to relive the opening scene in the series as Jack wakes up with the infamous close shot of his eye. He immediately seems relieved and even smiles slightly when he realizes he's back on the island. Jack is holding a scrap of paper that says "I wish" which we later learn is a piece of Locke's suicide note.

He hears Hurley yelling for help and finds him clinging to a guitar case in the water next to the waterfall. Jack dives in and saves him and quickly realizes that they can stand. That's when he notices Kate laying on a rock nearby. She is wet, but not in the water meaning she either made it to the rock, was pulled to the rock by someone or she somehow gently landed on the rock. Kate is briefly unconscious but Jack wakes her up and answers her partial question "Are we?" with "Yeah, we're back."

It the first moments of the episode, I was just waiting for Vincent to come out of the jungle. The scene was very close to the original scene in the pilot, he just seemed to end up in a different location on the island this time.

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