Monday, February 16, 2009

Charlotte's mind seems to skip through time

Back with the group on the island, Charlotte is still lying on the ground and her mind seems to be wandering through time, possibly like what happened to Theresa. She says "Why can't daddy come with us?" meaning she is presumably at a time when she was a child leaving the island with her mother but her father stayed behind. She follows that with "You know what my mom would say about me marrying an American." It's not clear when she thinks she is with that statement. That is followed by "You know, I know more about ancient cultures than Hannibal himself."

She seems to come back to the "present" when the group starts talking about keeping on moving towards The Orchid. Time skips yet again as the discussion is happening. Charlotte tells Daniel to go and then she seems to slip back to another time. She says "Turn it up. I Love Geronimo Jackson." Daniel decides to stay behind with Charlotte as the others go to The Orchid. Sawyer asks Locke "What happens if The Orchid ain't around anymore?" Charlotte pipes in and says "Look for the well. You'll find it at the well."

So, Charlotte is all over the place but manages to give the group some sound advice about the island, telling them to look for the well. We get a few interesting bits about her past, but nothing as substantial as what will come later. More on that in a later post.

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