Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hurley pays Ana Lucia to help Desmond, Kate & Sayid escape the police

At the police station, Sawyer comes to tell Kate, Desmond and Sayid that they are being sent to the county lockup. Kate stops him as he's leaving and says that he can still let her go because he believes she's innocent. Saywer says that he can't because he's a cop. Kate tells him that he doesn't seem like a cop.

In the back of the van, Desmond says that he thinks it's time to leave. Kate asks who he is and Sayid says that he's crazy, revealing that Desmond turned himself in. Desmond admits that he hit a man (Locke) in a wheelchair.

Desmond says that the driver already knows where to stop and says that when they stop, he'll expect Sayid and Kate to trust him, because he's going to ask them to do something. They both reluctantly agree, then the van comes to a stop.

The back door opens, revealing Ana Lucia who asks Desmond where her money is, because if she doesn't get it, she'll have to tell the police that she shot them while they tried to escape. As she releases them from their restraints, Hurley pulls up in his yellow Hummer.

Hurley gets out and says that he didn't know Ana Lucia was going to be there. With her trademark attitude, Ana Lucia says "Do I know you tubby?" Hurley realizes his mistake and says that they've never met and hands her an envelope with $125,000 in it. As she leaves, Hurley asks Desmond if she's not coming with them and Desmond says she's not ready yet.

Hurley's Camaro can be seen next to the van and he tells Desmond to take it. Sayid goes with Hurley who says he knows where they need to go. Kate stays with Desmond, who hands her a black dress and tells her that they're going to a concert. Kate looks bewildered.

So Desmond and Hurley both clearly know what's going on, and they have a plan. We learn what that plan involves in the finale.

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