Monday, February 22, 2010

Locke is engaged to Helen in the new timeline

"The Substitute" starts in the new/alternate timeline with John Locke arriving home from LAX. As he is lowering himself from his van using the motorized wheelchair lift, it stalls. He opts to jump for it and lands face down on the front lawn just before the sprinklers turn on. In quite shocking moment, Helen Norwood (John's girlfriend we haven't seen since the season 2 episode "Orientation") emerges from the house to help him up.

Inside, Locke is in the tub drinking from a mug that somewhat half dark and half light while looking a fabric samples. Helen says that she is tired of making wedding plans and suggests that they just get her parents and Locke's father and do it shotgun style. So what major changes occurred in Locke's past that he seemingly has a decent relationship with his father? Also, if he never went to anger management, how did he meet Helen in the first place?

Moving on, Locke insists that they should continue with their wedding plans. Helen asks him how the conference was, ad his says "boring," but we later learn that he didn't go attend it. She then finds Jack's business card in her pocket and proceeds to take the role of the woman of faith saying maybe is was destiny that Locke met a spinal surgeon. Locke appears to humor her, but seems very skeptical.

This scene shows major changes in Locke's past and its just the tip of the iceberg. There's much more to come.

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