Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Locke is ready to 'let go,' Jack is pleased, but questions fate

At Jack's office, he gets an unexpected visit from Locke. Locke enters and sees a photo of Jack, David and Christian. Jack says the photo was taken at Thanksgiving and Locke says that David looks just like Jack.

Locke then runs off a list for Jack. He says that they were on the same plane from Sydney, but he threw away the card Jack gave him when they met. Then he says that he was hit by a car and taken to Jack as his doctor out of all the doctors he could have seen. Then he mentions how Ben was beaten up by Desmond, who said that he was trying to help Locke "let go," which is the same thing Jack told Locke in "The Candidate."

Locke then says that maybe all this is happening for a reason, but Jack drops a season 2 line from Mr. Eko by saying "I think you're mistaking coincidence for fate." Locke says no matter what it's called, he thinks he's ready to get out of the wheelchair.

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