Friday, June 20, 2008

Jack visits Locke (aka Jeremy Bentham) at Hoffs Drawler, Ben follows

Jack returns to Hoffs Drawler funeral parlor and breaks in to see Jeremy Bentham's body. He finds the body release form on the coffin which is not filled out, presumably because there is no one with any legal standing to claim the body. Then who should appear but Mr. Ben Linus.

During Ben's inquiry, we find out that Jack spoke to Locke about a month ago and Locke told him that Ben was off of the island. Locke also spoke to Kate at some point. Locke told Jack that after he (Jack) left the island, "some very bad things happened" and "that it was my (Jack's) fault. Locke also told Jack that he had to come back.

Ben tells Jack that "the island won't let you come alone. All of you have to come back." Jack says that he doesn't know where Sayid is, that Hurley is insane, that Sun blames him for something (most likely Jin being left behind) and that Kate won't talk to him anymore. Ben says that he can help with that and "this is the way it has to be" and "it's the only way." When Jack asks "How?," all Ben says is "I have a few ideas." Jack nods in agreement and begins to walk towards the door when Ben stops him and says "We're going to have to bring him too," referring to Locke in the coffin. This is the point in which Locke is revealed to be in the coffin.

Now we wait until season 5, or at least until the new hiatus game launches.

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