Monday, February 11, 2008

Le Journal de Tunisie (Tunisian newspaper)

Here's the newspaper that Charlotte reads about flight 815 being found. I'll translate the front page best I can with a free translator (I think it's in French). I can't make out the date or parts of the text. If anyone can figure it out, let me know.

815: Retrouvé! = 815: Found!
le lavage de cerveaux en liberté = the washing of brains in freedom (something about brainwashing I think)
mobilisation des ??????? = mobilization of ?????? (can't make out the rest of the text)
contre le tout anglais = against the English whole
philosophie, une oeuvre originale à détacher = philosophy, an original work to detach

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Rafik said...

Hi, i'm french, your translation is good.

It's write : Mobilisation des salariés, i think in english it's: mobilization of employees.

lavage de cerveaux = brainwashing

Sorry for my english. ^^